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So the assignment for this week was:

Following Mark Nowak's lead, create a portrait of a place by collaging/splicing together three or four different textual sources (one of which can your own text). Post to the Discussion Board by Monday March 2.

I decided to use Muscle and Strength's Gym Finder, Club Body Center II's website, and an article from Philadlephia Weekly.  None of the words are my own.  I sure hope you like it:


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Club Body Center II in Philadelphia
1220 Chancellor St.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102
Phone: (215) 735-7671

Gym Details:

Now in business for well over 31 years. In June PW printed an article in which local men claimed they could buy crystal meth from dealers inside the bathhouse. Most recently two new Extra Large VIP Rooms have been added. The downstairs area is outfitted like a tropical resort. The LION ROOM and the BEAR ROOM.  Men wear only towels for the most part, though a few add baseball caps or flip-flops. Hookups happen quickly. There are over 60 rooms located on the three upper floors. Some carry tubes of lubricant with them or bottles of amyl nitrate, which they inhale to enhance their orgasms. There is NO MORE Carpeting anywhere except for the stairs. They ejaculate freely on the floor. We have stopped ALL SMOKING and NO GUM CHEWING is allowed either. You are welcome to provide you own Sling and Rope, or you can rent a sling from us! Some men lie on their stomachs, advertising themselves as "bottoms" or receivers for anal sex. A friendly, courteous and informative Staff await your visit. Others sit up in bed as an invitation to those who walk past. Bring a friend or meet one here. Getting into the bathhouse is easy.
No details provided.

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