Kenny and Me interview excerpt

So Kenny Brown interviewed me for our own magazine, I think it went well, heres a sample to wet your beak

Kenny Brown: first question: Sean, why are you such an asshole?

Sean Kiefer: well when I was little, I used to be the cool kid, everyone followed me around. I was ill and handsome and was just the shit. As I got older I got slightly chubby and just weird, and since my whole life I had two older brothers who constantly beat me down verbally and physically I had defense mechanisms, usually sarcasm. Picked up sarcasm from my brother who was basically Chandler Bing, smart but somewhat awkward, then on top of that I learned quickly that I don’t like most people, and once someone is seen as invaluable to me in my eyes I have no problem belittling them. I like to keep to myself and hate everything


FOM issue #1

FOM magazine issue one will hopefully be released early to mid July, and it's gonna be a doozy

contributions from FOM members such as myself, Garrett, Jon V, Beryl, our friend Alan, and my co editor Alex Pines, as well as other special guests.

be on the lookout for interviews with

Trapped Under Ice
Loud & Obnoxious clothing
and Mr. Stigma from Agnostic Front

also tons of comics, illustrations, articles, photos, and tons of extras