Kenny and Me interview excerpt

So Kenny Brown interviewed me for our own magazine, I think it went well, heres a sample to wet your beak

Kenny Brown: first question: Sean, why are you such an asshole?

Sean Kiefer: well when I was little, I used to be the cool kid, everyone followed me around. I was ill and handsome and was just the shit. As I got older I got slightly chubby and just weird, and since my whole life I had two older brothers who constantly beat me down verbally and physically I had defense mechanisms, usually sarcasm. Picked up sarcasm from my brother who was basically Chandler Bing, smart but somewhat awkward, then on top of that I learned quickly that I don’t like most people, and once someone is seen as invaluable to me in my eyes I have no problem belittling them. I like to keep to myself and hate everything

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